Get Your Six-Pack in 3 Easy Steps [Video]

Marcelo VazquezHi Fitness Fanatics! Today I will show you how you can get your six-pack in 3 easy steps.

Step 1: Watch your diet and minimize foods high in calories like alcohol, sugar, and fried foods. Alcohol is the worst enemy if you are trying to lose weight because it is high in calories without nutrients. Sugar, unfortunately, is hidden in many items. Always read the nutrition label of the items you consume and select items with the least sugar. Fried foods are also high in calories and excess consumption can lead to health problems. So, start minimizing the consumption of these items if you want to get results faster.

Steps 2-3: Combine cardio with your abdominal workout. Cardio will burn the fat that is covering the abs and the ab workout will make your abs stronger. Once you start following these steps you will begin to see your six-pack. For today’s routine I will be using a jump rope to perform 5 exercises of 50 jumps each (or 20 seconds active), followed by 5 ab exercises targeting the upper, middle, and lower abs; the obliques; and the entire core. If you have any questions just ask me here on YouTube or friend me on Facebook. Let’s begin!


The Workout: jump rope + ab workout
50 Jump ropes (or 20 seconds)
20 Crunches (upper)
50 Jump ropes
20 Bicycles (middle)
50 Jump ropes
20 Leg lifts (lower)
50 Jump ropes
20 Oblique with twists (oblique)
50 Jump ropes
20 Walking planks (entire core)
*For best results repeat this cycle 2-3 times.