Protein Smoothie Post Workout/NO Supplements [Video]

Protein Meal - Trainer MarceloHi there! In this episode I will show you how to prepare a super healthy protein meal to recover your muscles after working out. I will be also using my favorite mixer, a NutriBullet. It is very critical that you do not pass more than an hour before you decide to feed your muscles after working out. Your muscles need nutrients to use them as energy to keep working. By depriving them of food, the muscles will do something that is called “Cannibalism”. This means that the muscle will eat itself to keep working.

So, do not let this happen, and feed your muscles within an hour with a good meal high in protein, and low in carbs. In this healthy protein meal I am using a Greek yogurt as the main source of protein, low-fat milk for more protein, plus my daily doses of calcium. The good carbs are coming from the banana and blue berries. Notice that this protein meal has not protein supplement added. Enjoy!

What kind of protein meal you eat after your workout?

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