Top 3 Obstacle Courses in Atlanta Georgia [Videos]

Ninja Warrior Trainer MarceloSince my tryout for the TV show American Ninja Warrior (ANW) on NBC, many people have asked me where to train for this type of event and how to apply. There are many places that have built obstacle courses similar to those seen on the show or seen on Spartan Races. Here I will share with you my top 3 places.

Slingshot Entertainment

Slingshot Entertainment is one of the newest Ninja Courses with a Go Cart track and bowling alley all under one roof. Be aware that on weekends the facility may be very busy and you might have to wait to try any of the obstacles.

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OCR King Compound

As a Spartan Race coach, I would recommend a visit to King Compound to have a little taste of the course before race day. Here you will be trained by the amazing elite Spartan racers Cody and Chrissy. This place is highly recommended if you are a newbie to Spartan Races or other similar obstacle races.

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NinjaKour (Crossfit Lilburn)

NinjaKour is owned and managed by a former ANW contestant Dr. Pruni. This is a CrossFit facility with a built-in Ninja obstacle course. This is one of the first facilities where many Ninja contestants began training. You will see their pictures at the front desk.

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I had a great experience participating in Orlando for Season 7 of American Ninja Warrior. Unfortunately the “spinning log” took me down. I was very frustrated since I was very confident with my upper body strength, but the log got me dizzy and I fell. My tip for your application is to make sure you share a good, entertaining story.

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I hope this information was helpful. If you need any help training for any obstacle course or for your Spartan Race contact me.

I will see you soon. – Trainer Marcelo