Quick Tips for a Stress-Free Daily Commute to Work

Coach MarceloNext time you find your blood pressure spiking and your stress-levels reaching an all-time high on your daily commute, bring your attention back to the present moment.

There is a golden quality to travel time when you start to re-frame it as an opportunity for a rare and precious slice of solitude.

To avoid the stress you face on your daily commute, try these simple tips for a calm and relaxing journey to work.

Begin with the intention to be compassionate.

Think about being kind to others. Whatever your means of travel, you can choose not to let bumper-to-bumper traffic or other inconveniences create anxiety.

Rather than trying to beat the clock, take this time to practice relaxing in the present moment.

Focus on the sounds around you.

Use beeping horns, ringing bells and any noise you hear as a reminder to bring you back to the present.

Practice non-judgement.

With a relaxed mind, view the people around you without judgement. Acknowledge the fact that you all share the common goal of getting somewhere.

If you face a traffic jam, or the passenger sitting beside you is coughing, try not to react with aversion, but rather observe what’s happening with compassion for your fellow travelers. Use this opportunity to feel a connection with others.

As you continue your daily commute with a compassionate attitude, you’ll find it transforms not only your journey, bit the rest of your day.

Source: www.calm.com

Coach Marcelo