Can Drinking More Water Help You Lose Weight?

Trainer MarceloCan drinking more water help you lose weight? Yes, water has many health benefits like helping you boost your metabolism, cleansing your body of waste, and suppressing your appetite.

3 ways to speed up your weight loss with water

  1. Drink two 8-ounce glasses of water before a meal to help you minimize portions by giving you a sensation of a semi-full stomach.
  2. Drop sugary drinks for a week and drink more water instead. Your body will adapt to a new habit of drinking more water and you will cut lots of empty calories.
  3. Do not wait until you are thirsty to drink water. Thirst is a signal that your body is already dehydrated. Dehydration can lower your energy, make you tired, and give you the sensation you are hungry. Always keep your body hydrated.

Water consumption reminder


Trainer Marcelo