[Video] If I work out can I eat and drink anything I want?

Trainer MarceloMany times I hear people saying – “I work out so I can eat and drink anything I want” – I wish this was true.

The problem is that most people eat and drink more than the calories they burn.

For example, let’s say that you take a workout that requires 30 minutes of cardio + 30 minutes of weight lifting. That would be a great combination to lose weight and build muscles.

For any female that is not overweight this workout might help you burn about 500 calories, and for a male that is not overweight might help you burn about 700/800 calories. Of course intensity and time play an important role and calories burned, but let’s play with this range of calories.

Now, you are a female and after your workout is done (and proud of your 500 calories burned), you stop by for a latte or even worse, a chocolate mocha with cream. Boom! You almost put all the calories back in just one drink. That is insane!

Or if you are a male, super proud of your 700 to 800 calories burned in your workout, but after that you decide to reward yourself with a combo of a burger, soda and fries. You put back 1000+ calories, or maybe you are craving for pizza and you go for a couple of portions at 240 calories each portion and let’s say you have 4, which is almost 1000 calories. Or why not a combo of fried chicken tenders, with large fries and soda, at 2000+ plus. Ouch!

Again, this is why you should stop saying that you work out so you can eat and drink anything you want. If you want to enjoy a lifestyle without restrictions, you must put in practice portion control, where you can eat and drink anything you want but moderation is the key.

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