Reduce Your Waistline in Four Simple Steps

Lose weight with Trainer Marcelo VazquezImproving your diet doesn’t require significant resources to invest in a nutritionist or personal trainer. Whether you need a complete diet overhaul or minor adjustments, you can positively affect your health with just a few simple changes to your diet and eating habits. Follow these do-it-yourself nutrition tips to achieve a healthy body weight, Continue Reading

10 Tips for a Thinner Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving only comes around once a year, so why not go ahead and splurge? Because gaining weight during the holiday season is a national pastime. Year after year, most of us pack on at least a pound (some gain more) during the holidays — and keep the extra weight permanently. Continue Reading

15 Foods That Boost Health

  1. coffeeCoffee

When you need a pick-me-up, Leslie Bonci, MPH, RD, a dietitian for the Pittsburgh Steelers recommends making a good old-fashioned cup of joe. Research shows it can make you more alert, and plain coffee has almost no calories. Continue Reading

Superfoods for Weight Loss

Trainer MarceloWant to eat well and slim down? These prime eats are excellent at doing double-duty.


An apple a day can keep weight gain at bay. People who chomped an apple before a pasta meal ate fewer calories overall than those who had a different snack.

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Lifting and Dieting For an Effective Weight Loss

weight loss coachingFollowing programs on diets and weight loss are not enough if you want to develop a well-defined body. What you need to do is to combine a well-balanced diet (fruits, veggies, proteins, carbs and water) with weight lifting. It’s not that difficult, but commitment and discipline is necessary if you want to achieve your dream body. Continue Reading

Losing Weight Is As Easy As 1, 2, 3, and 4

Personal CoachingThis week’s four tips include suggestions in each of the four elements you need to work on in order to achieve your health, fitness, wellness and weight loss goals: (eating right, exercise, support and accountability).

  1. Good Eating Tip

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How to Snack Without Getting FAT

Healthy Eating with Trainer MarceloDo you eat when you are bored, upset or angry? Do you find that every day requires a chocolate bar to get you through the afternoon? If you are trying to lose weight, you may feel guilty about snacks. As a fitness nutrition coach, I find some people (particularly women) laugh nervously when I ask them what happen to their food consumption around 4pm. Continue Reading

Fast Weight Loss

Personal Coaching

There are many reasons why you may wish to lose body fat. Among the top are to simply look better, and improve your overall health. Losing weight should always be considered as a long term proposition. Quick weight loss plans can help you lose weight, but will not give you the longer term results you crave and deserve.

Fat will be lost in any diet, where the calorific intake is lower than expenditure. But, these “crash” diets and low-energy diets, will result in a muscle loss in addition to the fat burned.

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How Much Protein Should I Consume?

Protein - Trainer MarceloMany athletes and exercisers are increasing their protein intake to help them both lose weight and build more muscle, but is that the right way to go? It makes sense that, since muscles are made of protein, eating more protein will help you build more muscle.

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