Trainer Marcelo declaring war to obesity


Trainer Marcelo with Spin-FitHello my name is Marcelo Vazquez; I am a fitness trainer and the inventor of Spin-Fit™, a fun way to exercise. Spin-Fit™ is a flying disc with exercises for kids ages 6 to adults. It comes with a unique exercise wheel, an illustrated booklet in English and Spanish, and fun exercise activities. This is how this works: We toss the disc and the exercise wheel will spin by air force, selecting one exercise to perform.

I invented Spin-Fit™ to help minimize sedentary lifestyles and childhood obesity among kids.

Kids are full of energy and waiting for guidance, but if there is nobody around, or tools available to motivate them to exercise, time in front of the screen will be the winner. Spin-Fit™ is the solution for parents, to exercise with their kids in a fun new way!

This is The Spin-Fit™ Story

Fun activities with Spin-FitWhile working with kids I realized that the only way to motivate them to exercise was to create something fun. One of the tools that I have used in my “Mini Fitness” program for kids is a flying disc with exercises on paper that I taped on the back of the disc. If the kids dropped the flying disc, I assigned them an “exercise”.

Kids enjoyed it so much that I decided to make it more challenging and mysterious by putting more exercises on a spinning wheel, and making the exercise selection random. They loved it, and the positive reaction from the kids inspired me to pursue the development of Spin-Fit™ as a solution to the problem of sedentary lifestyles and obesity among kids. That is how Spin-Fit™ was born.

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” I have been incorporating Spin-Fit in my Group of Zumba Kids”

Hi! My name is Vicky Garcia and I am a Personal Trainer, Zumba Instructor for adults and for Kids. I have been incorporating Spin-Fit in my Group of Zumba Kids and It has been a Big Help adding Spin-Fit Drills in my classes to Motivate my Group of Kids to Fitness.

I think is an excellent Idea having the kids “playing” with Spin-Fit when their are actually exercising and Improving their Fitness Skills. Its Fun, keep the Kids focus and moving the entire Class. Kids, Moms and I love Spin-Fit!!!!

Vicky Garcia – VickyGarciaFitness.com

“What I Love is That The Kids Don’t Even Know They’re Exercising”

The first day we had our Spin-Fit, we took it to the park. I didn’t mention anything about it to the kids, just whipped it out and started tossing it around. It only took a minute for my own 2 kids and their friends to come over and investigate — they hardly needed any direction to figure out what to do. Within another few minutes, almost all the other kids in the park were playing along, taking turns tossing and leading the indicated exercise. This happens EVERY time we take our Spin-Fit out!

What I love is that the kids don’t even know they’re exercising — they’re running and moving around and seeing it all as a game. Fitness SHOULD be fun, and that’s exactly what this is. Plus, there’s bonus learning for the younger set (counting, reading, etc.) AND the WHOLE family can get in on the fun! The only downside I’ve noticed is that the spinner on top can get gunked up with dirt after a long game, but it’s easily washed up with soap and water. (I love this tool so much that I’m an affiliate through my website, www.ClickAClass.com, and I *only* recommend products and services I’ve personally tried and trust.)

Jessica Fields Covington

“Great Exercise Toy for Kids – Tons of fun!”

This is a super fun toy for the whole family. When I first got it I wasn’t sure my kids were going to want to do the exercises, but they love it and can’t put it down. They even compete against each other to see who can do the exercises faster. Certainly an easy way to get kids to exercise while playing.


  • Great for the whole family
  • The exercises are shown on the spinning wheel on top of the frisbee so even kids who can’t read can see the picture and do the exercises
  • Can be used indoors when it’s too hot or raining outside
  • Fun way to keep kids active and exercising


  • Kids will get addicted to it 🙂

Would definitely recommend this exercise flying disc to anyone looking to get their family and kids more active. Not only is it good for your health but it’s FUN!

Jose G. Guevara

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The Spin-Fit™ product was developed as a solution to the questions frequently asked by clients, parents, and teachers,

“How can I keep my kids motivated to exercise?

and what exercises should they perform?

Spin-Fit storyHighlights:

  • Family Fitness Fun
  • Indoor/Outdoor Exercise Activities
  • Light and Portable
  • 15 Fun Exercises for Beginners
  • Ages 6 to Adult

The Package Includes:

  • 1 Flying Disc – 9” diameter disc with unique exercise wheel
  • 1 booklet: Illustrated instruction booklet in English and Spanish

Parents with little or no fitness knowledge can create fun exercise activities by following Spin-Fit™ videos.

Are you a physical educator? Increase the fun in your fitness activities with Spin-Fit™

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  • This would be a great fit for any Physical Education program, especially as an instant activity, station work, or large group follow along activity. – Bennett S.
  • I like it and I love innovative equipment! I can really see kids and families having fun while moving with your product. Congrats & Best Wishes! – Amanda M.
  • It is very creative. In my years of teaching having the unknown such as using dice or with your spinner adds fun to any activity…which is a must in getting kids to do anything. All the best! – Carrie F.
  • The videos are a great idea, especially for educators, to see different ways the product can be used. That is a challenge for most of us today with budgets being cut—finding a product that we can use for multiple games/activities. – Brian D.
  • Your product is great; it’s a creative and engaging way for young athletes to be active in all types of environments! – Thomas P.

Let’s keep kids moving toward a healthier lifestyle!

Become a healthy mentor for the little loved ones in your life!

Exercise in a FUN new way!


Trainer Marcelo at Healthy Kids GAI want to thank you in advance for joining me in the fight against childhood obesity. I hope you enjoy my product as much as I enjoyed making it for you and the little loved ones in your life. Have a healthy day!

Marcelo Vazquez – Spin-Fit™ Founder