Weight Loss Coaching

GREAT NEWS!!! Now you don’t have to attend in-person meetings or have a gym membership to successfully lose weight. If you have a phone and an email account you can have me as your weight loss coach.

Trainer Marcelo

How It Works

Anybody can lose weight by calorie restriction. The problem comes after the weight is off. If you don’t take the time to learn how to break bad habits and create new ones, the old weight will come back.

In my weight loss coaching I will give you the tools to change the way you relate to food. I will share easy exercises to do from home and simple stress management strategies to help you avoid becoming a compulsive eater.

Each week we will meet for a 30-minute session over the phone. Each call is designed to follow up on goals set in the previous session.

For the in-home weekly training session you only need a set of dumbbells (8+ lbs. for female and 15+ lbs. for male) and a mat. You should be free of injuries and have consulted your physician before you start this or any other fitness program.

I Will Also Teach You How To:

  • Think, act and behave in front of food
  • Fuel your body [why, when and how]
  • Combat stress with healthy eating
  • Talk back to negative thoughts
  • Navigate the supermarket
  • Eat at the right time
  • Read nutrition labels
  • And much more!


 This Is What You Will Receive Weekly:

  • Sample MEAL PLANS including breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.
  • 5 full body in-home workouts to help you BURN FAT and build muscle.
  • Exercise combinations (with video tutorials) that target all the major muscle groups and ABS.
  • Nutrition EDUCATION.
  • Accountability and MOTIVATION.
  • Problem solving STRATEGIES to work on between meetings.
  • Tools and KNOWLEDGE for faster results.
  • Unlimited email SUPPORT.

No matter where you live you can reach your weight loss goals faster with my coaching over the phone!


  • 8-Week Session/$35 per session
  • 12-Week Session/$25 per session

*If you would like to bring my weight loss coaching to your group, clinic, organization or company, please call me for special rates.

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